The Whaleboat Learning Model
As a result of our two year experience with Project Whaleboat, faculty at Sanborn Regional High School in  Kingston, N.H. developed a learning model that creates an educational environment where students and teachers can excel. The basic philosophy behind the model is that we are all learners. The model is framed in constructivist principles and fueled by computer technology.

View an essay that helps to lay the philisophical groundwork for the whaleboat model
Failure and learning (.pdf) ------------------------------------------------- Failure and learning (Microsoft Word)
Teachers and students learning together
The Learning Model
The Whaleboat Model Follows this pathway
>Find Out
>Exhibit Knowledge
>Hear Peer Assessment
>Learn Self Assessment

And uses these supporting philosophies:
Computer Technology 
Teacher Coaching
Student Centered Curriculum

To gain:
Deeply learned Information 
Students who know how to learn
Students who know how to think
Students who are motivated to work toward quality
Guide to the Whaleboat Learning Model (.doc)
Guide to the Whaleboat Learning Model (.pdf)
PW3 Skills
Samples: (pdf)
World Class Learners
Grading Guide
Weekly Plan
Weekly Plan Sample
Samples (pdf): (cont'd)

Final Exam
Project Checklist
Quarter End Self Assessment
Critical Friend
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