Whaleboat Dictionary*

* Definitions of words appearing in bold were taken from the glossary of Understanding Boat Design 4th Edition by Ted Brewer.

Aft: Toward the back or stern.

Bow: The forward end of a vessel.

Fore: Toward the front or bow.

Frame: An athwartship structural member of a vessel supporting the planking or plating. The uninitiated often call it a rib.

Garboard Strake: The plank on a wood vessel that fastens to the keel; the lowest plank.

Keel: The backbone of a vessel to which the floors and frames are fastened.

Lofting: A full-scale, 3-view drawing of our Beetle whaleboat.

Lofting Structure: The frame made out of 2 x 4's and plywood on which the Lofting was drawn.

Molds: Temporary structures created from the lofted lines of the boat. These molds give a form upon which the planks are bent.

Port: The left-hand side of the vessel when looking forward.

Rabbet: A groove cut in the stem, stern, and keel of a wood vessel to accept the planking.

Rocker: The slight bow in the keel.

Rocker posts: Blocks of wood attached to the strongback cut to a height and angle to create the rocker in the keel.

Starboard: The right side of the vessel when looking forward.

Steambox: A box used for steaming wood. This is a wooden box attached to a steam source. Wood to be bent is placed inside until the steam has penetrated and softened the board.

Stem: The timber or metal bar supporting the planking at the bow above the keel, or that part of the hull between the waterline and the deck. (In our boat both front and back pieces are stems.)

Stern: The after part of the boat.i.e. The tail end of the boat.

Strake: A line of planking or plating running the length of the vessel.