Desktop Publishing & Multimedia II
Project Requirements:
  • Each Project should make use of a new piece of software listed on the Assignments page.
  • Each Project needs to include at least four (4) items from the Elements of Design or Video Techniques Pages.
  • Each Project should include: (Show at presentation)

  •       -Contract
          -Design Analysis Sheet describing at least 3 design elements
          -Two Critical Friend Sheets
  • Project Ideas

  • Themes (Use 3/4 themes sometime this quarter):

    Create an Impact: (Required)
    -Run an Ad. Campaign about an important issue.
    -Get an emotional response from the audience.
    -Raise support for your cause.
    -Raise awareness about the issue.
    -This project requires a print AND a multimedia presentation.
    Tell a Story &Include:
    -Beginning, middle, end
    Teach Something:
    -Introduce the topic
    -Include a demonstration
    -Include important terminology/concepts
    -Cover all aspects of topic
    -Include a method of testing the audience.
    Get your creative ideas approved and reach for the sky.