Desktop Publishing & Multimedia II
: The Sanborn Regional High School Quarterly Report
The Sanborn Regional High School Quarterly Report is intended to be a description of important aspects of Sanborn Regional High School.  Each student will become a reporter and create a presentation answering the following questions about the chosen topic.
-An interesting teacher or coach
-The campus

Questions (or statements )to Answer:

  • Give a good description of the area that you are investigating.
  • What teacher is responsible for this area?
  • What is the history of this activity?
  • What students are involved?
  • What do the participants do while engaged in this activity?
  • What do participants feel are the best components of this activity?
  • What does the teacher feel is the best component of this activity?
  • Why are the participants involved in the activity?
  • Why is teacher involved in the activity?
  • What would Sanborn be like without this activity?