Environmental Science
Cetacean Project
breaching whale

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Photo: M.Wlliamson
Cetaceans and the oceans in which they live provide great opportunities for us to study environmental issues. Both offer the ability to gather data in the pursuit of scientific decision making. Both offer a stage upon which some of our more artistic interests seem to flourish. Additionally, at SRHS, we have the unique opportunity of having an authentic whaleboat around which can created projects of significant impact.

Stellwagen Bank is an area of the Atlantic Ocean that provides a great area of study for cetacean and maritime environmental issues. 

Whalenet, a website created by Mike Williamson and Wheelock College in Boston, Ma., will serve as a hub for links, maps, data, and inspiration. Plan on living in Whalenet as you complete your projects.


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Photo: E.J.Gaudet


In addition to the requirements below, all projects should follow the guidelines establishedin How to do a Presentation.

  • Whaleboat Project - Use Quest as a platform for teaching others about maritime environmental issues!
  • Use Lucy SRHS' lifesized model of a whale.
  • Use Lucy as a whale museum.  Create posters, displays, and/or activities to  place inside of Lucy.  Have people walk into Lucy and view your exhibit.
  • Follow a tagged maritime mammal.
  • Whaling History.
  • Pick a Whale (or whales).
  • Whale Music

  • Links
    Whalenet's Student Resources Page.
    Here is the source for links to anything you might want know about whales. Look specifically for tagging data, sounds, pictures, species descriptions and Lucy directions.
    Information about Stellwagen Bank - Outline of facts about the bank.
    The Whales of Stellwagen Bank - Outline of whale information.
    Marine Species Listing- Outline of all species of whales with links to more information about many .
    Protected Marine Species
    The Clearwater Sloop -In 1966, a handful of river lovers decided to change the course of events that was destroying the Hudson, and reclaim a natural treasure for us all. So, they built a boat.  Check out this site.
    Pictures of Sanborn's Whaleboat - These pictures were taken on launch day
    All about lobsters - A great source about all of those lobstering questions that you have.
    Online Zoology - A list of articles about endangered ocean mammals.
    National Marine Mammals Site -  Information, links, pictures about marine mammals.
    A History of Whaling - Information about whaling through history from the history channel.
    More Whaling History
    The Dolphin Ring - a whole bunch of websites dedicated to dolphins.