Environmental Science Class
Choice Projects

The list below gives ideas for your choice projects. Each project should answer focus and essential questions and lead to a presentation done with the computer. Each project must include all of the required steps found in the checklist.  Be sure to include the important terms and concepts!!

*Review ten environmentally related journal articles. See the information found on the Journal reviews page for more information. (1)

*Create an informational campaign regarding reusing, recycling, and reducing in Kingston and/or Newton.  (See Mr. Gaudet for more details on this project.) (2)

*Create and deliver an environmental lesson about an essential question to elementary students. (2)

* Make a children's story around an essential question. (1 or 2)

* Develop an essential question about environmentally significant areas of Kingston or Newton. Create a map of this area. (1 or 2)

* Take a hike. Develop an essential question. Go somewhere and find the answer.  Create a presentation (1 or 2)

* Contact the Newton, or Fremont Conservation Commissions. Make a presentation about their efforts to help our local environment. (1)

* Create 5 monographs of species found in one ecosystem. Develop an essential question regarding the chosen species. (Each monograph is one page long and includes at least one picture and text describing the animal.  [Only original graphics will be mounted on the web page]). (1)

* Create artistic impressions of environmentally significant areas. You may use these media: painting, drawing, photography, music, sculpture. (1 or 2)

*Create an environmental magazine which contains at least three (3) articles, ads, table of contents, pictures. (2)

*Take a picture a day. Spend time each day for at least 3 weeks taking a picture of natural areas. Create a presentation that includes the pictures and answers an essential question  and focus questions regarding the project.  (2)

*Make 10 endangered species "baseball" cards. Each card should have a picture on the front and facts about the species on the back. (2)

*Make 5 posters that educate the public about environmental issues. Show the posters to others to test the effectiveness of your work. (2)

*Make an environmental tee shirt.  Using a computer, create an educational logo that teaches others, or raises awareness about an evironmental issue.  Print the logo onto an iron on transfer.  Do a presentation that answers essential and focus questions about your chosen issue.  (1 or 2)

*Read an environmentally significant book. Do a presentation answering an essential questiona and focus questions about the book.  Choose from amont this list: (2)