Project Kit
This Page holds everything you need to know to complete great projects and to get the grade you want this quarter:
  • Wonder: Develop an essential question and 3-5 focus questions that will help answer the EQ
  • Find out (Perform research to answer each focus question.)
  • Answer the essential question based on research data.
  • Plan and begin to create a public exhibition using computer technology.
  • Have critical friends assess your work throughout the developmental stages.
  • Assemble a panel of assessors to view your work.
  • Exhibit your work before your assessment panel.
  • Receive peer and self feedback.
  • Evaluate your work and make plans for the next project.

    These Documents are Required for each Project:
    (They will open as Microsoft Word Documents)
    Critical Friends Sheet
    Grading Guide
    Project Checklist
    Water Sampling Sheet
    These Documents Help to Make a Great Project:
    Essential Questions and Focus Questions
    Research Ideas
    Presentation Ideas
    Frequently Asked Questions
    MidTerm Exam
    Final Exam 
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