Electric Vehicles

How are they powered and what is their environmental impact?

An electric car has a battery, a charger for replenishing the batteries, and power from an electrical outlet. A controller connected to the accelerator pedal is used for directing the flow of electricity between the battery and motor. The older electric batteries were made out of lead acid. The newer batteries are made out of zinc-chlorine, nickel meter

have a power train of gears and shafts joints that transmits power from the motor to the wheels. Electric cars don't have clutches or multispeed transmis

nyhride, and sodium-sulfur. The motor of the car harnesses to the battery's electrical energy by converting it to kinetic energy that makes the car move. The driver only has to switch on the power select "forward" or "reverse" and steps on the accelerator pedal.

sions. To go in reverse the power makes the motor go in the opposite direction. They have regenerative braking this acts as a generator. When you step on the brakes the motor acts as the generator and converts the energy caused by the movement back to electricity and stores it in the battery. Electric cars are

What are the different parts in an electrical car than in a gas powered car?

A conventional car has many moving parts. An electrical car has one rotating element. Both


created by replacing the gasoline engines and fuel tanks of conventional cars with electric motors, batteries, chargers, and controllers.

where from $2,900 to as much as a gas powered car .

need, and they are very quiet. The air quality benefits from electric cars because they shift the location from which pollutants disperse. Conventional cars emit car

What Makes an electirc car better to use?

How long can a electric powered car last?

An electric car can last almost 100 miles or 160 km. They last about 3 hours before they need to be charge again. The Solectria can go over 200 miles on one charge.

Electric cars are more efficient and generally less polluting than the internal-combustion car for a veriety of reasons. First because the

bon monoxide and other pollutants from their tail pipes whenever they travel, where as pollution associated with electric cars is generally created from a few distant coal or oil power plants.

elctric motor is directly consuming no energy while the car is resting or coasting, increasing it effectitness by roughly one fifth.





What is the price range?

A car called the Solectria cost a little under $20,000. Most electric cars cost any

Electric cars have zero tail pipe emissions, fewer moving parts, a very low maintenance

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