What Makes Electric Cars Different from Gas Cars

Electric cars are very different from gas cars. The reason electric cars have come out to be on the market is to make cars not to be as harmful for the environment and to be cheaper because the worlds oil supply is running out.

Electric cars are able to withhold 80-100 miles before the battery should be recharged. On the other hand it takes an electric cars battery 6-8 hours to recharge from being totally used. An electric car has around 288 volts in the battery engine and usually weighs around 3,600 pounds. If you are looking for the speed effect of the car your willing to buy an electric car will not be your choice of preference because the engine runs around 4.9 seconds to reach the speed of 30 m.p.h.

Gas powered cars can usually travel 300-400 miles before there is the need to refuel. When refueling the tank it only takes a few minutes to fill it with gas. Also the battery that is in a gas powered car can last several hundred miles and most of the gas-powered cars on the road weight around 3000 pounds. A powerful aspect of a gas car stands around to average around to take 5 seconds to get to 60 m.p.h.

To contrast the two types of cars it is ranged to be that you can travel for much longer in a gas powered car before it needs refueling compared to an electric car, which needs to be recharged and takes a lot more of your time. Also it takes only a couple of minutes for a gas powered vehicle to be refueled while an electric car takes several hours. An electric car usually ranges to weight more than a gas powered car. Also if you are looking to drive places fast and race other cars a gas-powered car has more power and will definitely be faster than an electric car.

Another aspect in contrasting these two kinds of vehicles to be driven on the road is the money aspect of buying these cars, the harm both will do to the environment, and the necessities both vehicles come with. Electric cars were made to try and save natural resources such as gas and oil, while gas powered car release all of the toxins into the atmosphere. An electric car comes with a good relief of effort by how you can recharge the battery during the night time while on the other hand to refuel a gas powered car you have to physically pump it yourself. Gas powered cars come in many different shapes and sizes and also usually run cheaper than electric cars.

Some things to think about before you choose to buy either one

of these cars are that electric cars donít not carry as much energy as compared to a full tank of gas would. For example, though gas powered cars are extremely dangerous to the environment. Cars and trucks that burn oil are still to this day the world's largest environmental problem as it creates the most damage to the world. It is guessed that over time the car will last 3 more times than it does now and you wont have to waste as much time to charge the car up because the battery life will last longer. A usual electric car will can travel 40 miles a day before having to be recharged. In the future it is planned that electric cars will hopefully get up to well over 300 miles before having to be recharged.

A tank of gas in a gas powered car compared to an electric car will roughly run you 4 times farther than an electric cars battery will last before you have to recharge it. A gas powered car holds much more power than an electric car can put out. An electric car comes with power locks & windows, c.d. player, power seats, heating & ac, which roughly rounds out to be the same as a gas powered car will offer. When a gas powered car is low on gas all you have to do is stop at a gas station and fill the tank up while when your in an electric car and the battery is low you have to stop and let it recharge for several hours. That is why I said earlier that it is a cool effect that you can recharge an electric cars battery during the night and it will charge while you sleep. On the other hand a gas powered car would be roughly better to use on long road trips vacation rides because you wont have to stop all the time and recharge it. Overall a gas-powered car would be much easier because it is more convent to fill the tank.

There are many reasons a gas-powered car is the world's largest environmental problem. Some reason for this are because oil exploration, drilling of oil, refining of oil, transporting oil, oil spills, and all of these occurrences have led to war. The constant dispute over oil makes different people and countries extremely worked up to have as much oil as they want, and that leads to the beginning steps to having arguments for war. This is why in the future it would be a perfect reason to have electric cars. For this is because electric cars are so much better for the environment, and wont make problems between people want the oil. I personally wouldnít buy one until the car can last for more miles and wont have to be charged up as much.