Organic farming

Organic gardening is not just a hobby anymore. It has become part of a world wide environmental movement. Organic farmers are using no chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers. They grow all their products with only naturally safe additives. They depend on the development of biological diversity and the maintenance and the replenishment of soil fertility.

Organic gardening works by growing vegetables and fruit etc, in naturally composted soil without use of dangerous pesticides and herbicides. They do all the weeding and cultivating by hand. The soil is made of natural ingredients that are mulched and rotated for two to three weeks. The bacteria in the soil eat at all the material in the soil to turn it in to compost. Compost is the best soil for growing because it offers the most nutrients for the seedlings when they are in the first stages of growth.

Organic farmers grow everything form vegetation to beef. The animals raised for slaughter are raised on only organic products. The fruits and veggies are all grown organically, in natural settings and cared for meticulously by the workers.

Some folks like organic better because of the taste. Some say the foods are bigger. Organic farmers grow strong, healthy, veggies that are more resistant to disease. They conserve their resources by using composted natural waste products to feed and balance the soil. They help to keep the air, soil and water, as well as the food the produce, free of toxins and chemicals.

Some people want to know the difference between organic farming and non-organic farming. The difference is simple. Organic uses no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Non-organic does. Organic has more risk factors involved; for instance, it takes much more nurturing then normal gardening. The foods are sometimes misshapen or small. Other risks involve weeding and insects. Organic uses no pesticides or weed killing agents on there products. Because of this, the worker must spend many hours working on the crops to ensure that they are healthy. The risks are far less in non-organic.

The cost of organic products is also higher. The have to charge more for their products then regular farmers because the cost of the materials are greater. They have to purchase certain items such as heritage seeds. These are seeds that have grown for many years. They can cost as much as five dollars for one dozen seeds. They also have to buy the soil. They canít use regular soil because toxins might contaminate it.

Is organic better? In my opinion, not really. Some people think so. I guess it all depends on your preference. If you like the idea of products grown with out chemicals, try organic. If you donít care about the chemicals, and donít want to pay the hefty prices, stick with regular foods.


Jarred P. - artist