Being A Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian is a way of living, at least dietary, without eating anything from an animal, flesh or products. Vegetarianism is becoming more and more common because people donít like the thought that animals are routinely enslaved and killed for humanís use and greed. First of all people who are vegetarians are healthier than people who eat meat. Vegetarians suffer less from illnesses like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and other common health problems. Having a vegetarian diet means that you can obtain all the nutrition you need and as well, very well health benefits. Maintaining a vegetarian diet is more humane, more conductive to good health, fundamental to resolving the world food problem, creates fewer demands on the environment and is more economical.

People often have the question if a vegetarian receives enough protein. The answer is yes, plant protein is as easily absorbed and as useful to the body as animal protein is and you also received enough minerals and vitamins. Proteins you receive from plant products provide an abundant amount of amino acids. Vegetarian diets are higher in iron content then in non-vegetarian diets. Also Vegetarians have a higher content of vitamin C then non-vegetarians, which helps with iron consumption. Vitamin D is poorly supplied in all diets because of the chemical breakdown due to exposure of light. Some vegetarian products are highly fortified with vitamin D such as soymilk and some cereals.

There is a large demand in the world for meat and it is having a large effect on the environment. Forests in Central America are grazed with cattle, which becomes junk food for North Americans. Cattle erode the topsoil and produces large quantities of methane, which is a "greenhouse" gas. Meat is expensive, both economically and agriculturally. Current farming methods mean many people starve while others can eat far beyond their need. By choosing to eat meat is hurting our environment. Animals are slaughtered for food consumption which in stead the grains and plants used to feed them could be fed to us humans. Slaughtering cattle and other meat sources requires land and agricultural measures to be taken to raise and kill these animals. Instead this land could be used to grow grain and vegetables for human consumption. Vegetarianism is a healthier, more economical way of living and is better for the environment.