Endangered Species
2 "Panthera Tigris" 2

What is an endangered species?
It is an animal that is slowly going extinct, if we donít do something to help it, then there eventually will be no more of them.
Time changes everything, and that makes it important to us to make sure that endangered animals are protected so that the food chain doesnít get smaller, and there is less of everything eventually.

All living things interact with their environment, so as long as the animal adapts to the new environment then that will help our environment by keeping things living and the population will continue to grow as long as we keep the animals safe.

Another important matter is their habitat, because habitat is the key to wildlife surviaval. If their place of growing,feeding,playing, and sleeping is kept safe too, then that helps keep them alive as well.

Wildlife serves as a barometor of enviro-nmental quality. If we were being good  Sterward-ship towards the tigers then we would be making sure to Protect Their environment. As long as we make sure not to destroy it or poisn the earth with chemicals then we will be helping to our fullest potential to keep their habitat safe.

All forms of life are effected by environmental change, and with the whit tiger being so rare, its up to us to make sure that its habitat is as close to being what it needs in the wild so that it will adapt, and live. The white tiger is very rare, and will mostly be seen only in zooís. There are between only 30-90 white tigers in the U.S. today. The reason that white tigers are so rare, and there could possibly be no more withing the near future, unless continualy bred to make more white tigers is because you can only get a whit tiger if two bengal tigers both carry the white coloring gene. If the population of bengal tigers breed out the white tigers, then the endangered species will then be extinct.

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by:Katelyn B.