What are the important facts of endangered species?

Some important facts of endangered species are that they help with medical, agricultural, and aesthetic/recreational Value. These animals are used for some medical value. Most of our medications are made from the remains of different species. We lose up to 100 species daily.

The purple foxglove gave a drug to help out people that suffered from heart attacks. When they burned the so-called "trash" tree they found out that it was identified as one of the most promising treatments for breast cancer and ovarian. There are about 80,000 edible plants out there and humans depend on about only 20 of these plants. Such as wheat and corn, to provide them with about 90% of the worldís food.

Endangered what does that mean?
Endangered means: To expose danger or Harm;

To threaten with extinction.
    So the animals that are endangered are being threatened to be extinct. So every endangered species are being threatened.
    Thatís why humans can impact anything on earth because they can cut down the homes of most animals and then those animals die and you never know they could have held something in them that could cure a disease and they killed them by ruining there homes.

Why are these important facts important to the readerís time?
    The answer is because they can help save the endangered species. They can help not put their homes in danger. Just because they are endangered does not mean they can not help with everyday things. Some endangered species have chemicals in them to cure certain things. And when they are dead and those chemicals die with them, and it is no longer helpful to our people and we will die because they didnít find the cure. Because that certain animal had it and it is dead now.

Endangered means there is still time.
    What that means is that even though they are endangered doesnít mean they are going to die anytime soon but if we keep ruining there homes they will eventually die.

What can be done in the future about this issue?
    We can help by watching out where we cut and where we destroy land. Because some of the animals that hold that very cure that can help out many people.


What is population? It is the amount of people or things that occupy that area.
We need to know about population because there could be more then one part of a place then the other animals will follow that is why the individual decisions can impact the environment. And when that animal moves and they all follow that animal then the area they move to could get destroyed and they wonít have a place  to live.

    The top reason why some of the animals were endangered was because of the drug DDT that drug was a pesticide that was used to kill bugs and rodents and the animals take the bald eagle for example he used to eat the fish and bugs that were sprayed with DDT and the bald eagle became extinct but the bald eagle came back.

Extinction what does it mean?
    Extinction means the condition of being extinct. Which means they are not yet extinct and they still have time to live. It also means the act of extinguishing which means that they are on their way to making things extinct.

    What is wilderness well wilderness is a neglected place. That is where most of the endangered species live. But they are in the wilderness because they have no other place to go because we are destroying their homes.

Wildlife habitat needs can oppose human habitat needs.
    What that means is the wildlife can effect human needs because we need trees to make paper and money. Those are things we need, and we canít cut down the trees because there are animals that live there. So they impact our habitat needs.

    What is habitat? Habitat is the area or environment where an organism normally lives or occurs. There are many habitats in the wilderness like trees and the ground in holes. Most flying things like to live in trees and things like squirrels and birds.

Extinct is forever.
    What that means is when an animal is extinct it is dead and it never comes back like dinosaurs they are extinct and they have not come back. So if you are extinct you will not come back if you do that would be very scary.

Why do you think endangered species are important?
    I think they are important to people because they are important because they help out with lots of things like some cures for breast cancer and regular cancer and other thing we can die from. They are important because some of the animals eat other animals that can hurt us and they help us out.