Wherry Page

Purpose Page We hope you enjoy it. To begin with we felt it was important to let you know where we are coming from and what it is that we are trying to accomplish. The members of this class are a part of a larger learning model and philosophy named Project Wherry. In this model students are given the choice to pursue topics through independant study in a subject area that interests them. Their projects are varied, working within a wide realm of nautical issues and producing presentations on computers that exhibit what they have learned. At the same time, on alternate days, students involve themselves in the process of building a real, full-sized Piscatiqua River Wherry, a flat bottomed boat from the nineteenth century. This boat serves as a valuable metaphor inside and outside the classroom for the students and teachers. It helps to make the true meaning of individual effort and teamwork more clear, not only in this class, but hopefully throughout our lives.

By; Chip D.(from dead wood magazine)