The Sanborn Sun February - May 2000
Diane Eadie
Article & Web Site by Leanne M.

     A few days ago two other students and I had the great pleasure of interviewing Ms. Diane Eadie. She's a kind and enthusiastic lady that lives in Kingston, NH. Diane plays a big role in the town: she's currently the chairman of the conservation commission, she's on the town planning board, is the project coordinator for land preservation, and is also on the state level lakes conservation  commission. She dedicates her time to making sure land is being used properly, as well as being restored. This is the work of a lady who cares about her town and the living environment it holds. 

     Diane started after high school by attending Syracuse University and also New York State University. She began by majoring in Chemistry and minoring in music, as well as receiving her masters in psychology. Along with those she attended a work study program in social work.

     Diane has been the chairman of the conservation commission for twenty years, having served almost seven terms. Each term served is three years long. There is no voting involved to be the chairman, a selectman appoints him or her. Ms. Eadie hasn't had any competition for her spot, however. Some of the jobs included with being the chariman of the conservation commission includes helping people fill out application forms need to be able to build certain things, an example  of this would be a man- made pond.Anything that may effect the land needs a permit.

     Diane also attends one meeting once a month, monitors land use, and makes sure the land boundaries are marked properly, "That's the fun part because you can just go out and walk the land," says Diane.

     Her biggest project at the moment is preserving land at Pow Wow River. This river runs through Long Pond and Kingston Lake. The commission has bought soem property rights, but it's hard to be sure all the land will be preserved. This is due to the tightly packed neighborhoods all the Pow Wow River. 

     Although Diane likes her job, she says, "try to stay out of jobs that don't have something creative ao new day to day." 

     In doing this she makes sure her job stays intriquing to her. "originally I was thinking I'd like to be a forest ranger," says Diane after thinking for a moment. 

     Diane is interested in getting more involved in enviromental education, workshops, and in training people so she can share her knowledge. She thinks it would be a great idea to start an ecology program in the Sanborn Regional school systems.