The Sanborn Sun February - May 2000

Wastech Deals A Royal Flush
Article By Mark M.
Web Site By Billy D.

    A small business located in Portsmouth NH, Wastech is hardly a household name; however, this may all change soon. Wastech is developing a product that may eliminate the need for septic systems. This new invention will greatly reduce the amount of soil and water pollution that makes it into your backyard. The traditional septic system is not good for the environment, is not cost effective, and the new Wastech system can use your original pipes and toilet. Wastech’s new technology in human waste removal is more reliable, cost effective, and better for the environment than the septic systems that we use today. Wastech is the septic system of the future.

     This new product will replace the traditional septic system and it uses the same piping and toilet. It takes up very little room in your basement, not underground in your yard.  The product is a little shorter than your refrigerator and about the same in width. If you need numbers, the Wastech STM-2000 is 32 inches in width, 32.5 inches in depth, and 54 inches in height. It weighs about 250 pounds and can hold up to 600 gallons a day. There is very little maintenance, and when it is needed, the corporation will notify you and send someone out to your home. 

     The product gets rid of solid waste by utilizing microwave technology. It basically heats the waste up to where it becomes ash. First the liquid waste is filtered of harmful aspects and is then heated. A non harmful vapor is given off and the waste can also be drained into a city sewer. Wastech is currently targeting the New England area, but are making plans to go worldwide.  The product is not only for home owners, but also offices, commercial ships, trains, buses, mobile homes, Naval ships, Army bases and refugee camps, and Air Force bases. 

     This product undoubtedly will be embraced by the nation for its cost effectiveness and its low impact on our environment. Compared to today's septic systems, this product is a blessing in disguise. It will be easier on the wallet, better for the environment, and will only take up a few feet of space in your basement as opposed to a leech field and a large construction job. I predict for the future that the Wastech STM-2000 and the Wastech CS-4000 will replace the insufficient septic systems of today.

Edited By: Billy D & Greg K.

Notes & Info Compiled By 
Mark M, Greg K and Billy D