5 The Granite and Wetland Projects

In the fall of 1998, several granite slabs were excavated from this area of the wetland.  They were left over from school construction many years ago.  Today these slabs of granite are being put to good use.  Jason L and Dan M are constructing projects out of these slabs.  Dan is creating stone benches and Jason is creating a gateway to a future wetland trail system.


A Guide to the Trees that you might see

In the wetland there is a diverse collection of trees.  Diversity equals stability.  If there were only one type of tree in the wetland and that species fell victim to disease, all the trees would die and there would be no trees in the wetland.  Another reason diversity is important is because of different animals that might reside in the wetland making use of different types of

Red Maple Elm
Red maple                                                        American Elm

Poplar                                                                         Blackwalnut


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