Vol. 1 Num. 3
A Publication of the Project World Class
April 1999 
Lindsay Coppens
by Sarah

     "My life is a sitcom", explains Lindsay Coppens.  She is a 22- yearend English intern at Sanborn.  Coppens is open and energetic.  She is also very convinced that "everyday things go weird on her".  She has all kinds of crazy stories.  She's slipped on ice and fallen under a parked car, given herself the hiemlic in a crowded restaurant, had a tree limb crash her car while it sat in an empty parking lot, and rescued a friend who swallowed a pen. 

     This Nashua native came from a big high school (850 students in her Lindseygraduating class) where she played a lot of Varsity sports, including basketball and volleyball.  Her basketball team ranked 20th in the country during her senior year. 

     Coppens has brought her enthusiasm and love for competitive sports to Sanborn.  She was the coach of Sanborn's J. V. Girls Basketball team this year.  Coppens said, "I wanted to share what I knew about the game, and I thought it would be fun to see students in a different way.  She feels the girls had a good season and is "proud of them." Coppens was glad that she got to know the girls, laugh, and hang out. 

     In college, Coppens began as an environmental science major, then switched to geology, then history, and finally found her calling in English.  She decided to intern at Sanborn because she liked it; its  a small school, and she would be able to teach right away.  Coppens also felt the "students here seemed diverse." " I don't mind coming to work everyday," Coppens admits.  She is really glad she came here, and has no regrets.  Coppens thinks all the interns get along really well.  "Everyone was very open right away, I felt welcome from the start."  She is working under the supervision of Ms. Miles.  She likes her a lot and feels they have a really good relationship.  Coppens said, "Ms. Miles gives me advice, support, and her sweaters inspire me". 

     As far as Coppens' plans for the future . . .they are not definite yet.  She has considered living in a hut on an island and selling necklaces, going to Europe to teach English, or a big city like New York or Boston.  "I don't know, I will probably end up living with my parents", Coppens replied jokingly.  I think for now she would like to continue living her life spontaneously.