Vol. 1 Num. 3
A Publication of the Project World Class
April 1999 
Project World Conections
Table Of Contents

  The Indoor Wetland 
                           by Jessie 
  Into The Woods We Go 
                           by Sondra 
  Lindsay Coppens 
                           by Sarah 
  Mitigation, What You  
  Can Do To Help 
                           by Sondra 
  Project World Asks For  
                           by Jenn 
  Upcoming  Field trips 
                           by Jessica 
  Wetland Update 
                           by Jessica 
  What does the Wetland 
  have to offer us? 
                           by Sondra 
  What's Happening with the 
  Wetland Now? 
                           by Sarah 
  P.W. Fly Comic 
                           by Jen & Jess