Vol. 1 Num. 3
A Publication of the Project World Class
April 1999 
Project World Asks for Help
by: Jenn

 On Wednesday, March 3, interns and three of the students from Project World addressed the Sanborn faculty about our wetlands. 

     Thanks to the information presented by Sondra Perry, Tom Wilhelm, and Jenn Buteau, the faculty learned about goals that the Project World class has for making the wetlands an efficient outdoor classroom, like a boardwalk, a gate, and benches.  They were also shown some of the academic projects that have been done, including some photos taken in the wetland, a map students made of the wetland, and the proposed path through it. 

     After that, it was the interns' turn.  They asked the faculty for assistance with some of the major projects in the wetlands.  Some of the assistance included help with cleaning up thrash, constructing the boardwalk, and writing brochures.  This way, the whole school would have more ownership of the wetlands, instead of just the Project World class. 

     The outcome was great.  Many of the teachers signed up to help out.  There were a variety of interests, including trash pick up, construction, labor, writing, and finally translating brochures. 

     All of the interest is encouraging.  The Project World class, with the help of the school, hope to exceed their goals.  Thanks to all of those people who volunteered to help, Sanborn's very own outdoor classroom is in the making.