Vol. 1 Num. 3
A Publication of the Project World Class
April 1999 
What's Happening with the Wetland Now?
By: Sarah

     When asked EJ Guadet, What is happening with the wetland now? EJ Guadet spoke for our backyard saying, "I'm Freezing". 

     The last thing you heard about the Sanborn Wetland was the fact that we actually have one.   The wetland is frozen for now but, the students of Project World have been brainstorming ideas of how we can share and preserve the wetland come Spring. 

     Well, we're back!  Our plans for the wetland are going into effect.  We are in the process of creating a trail and boardwalk through the wetland, a granite arch way for the entrance, and benches made of stone and wood.  All these projects are now going into effect and lots of hard work has already been put towards Sanborn's future wetland.  Our hopes for the wetland are becoming a reality. 

     Jason Loik with the Assistance of Mr. A Taylor is creating a design for the archway.  He has the size and shape and is now working out the details.  The archway will be made of Granite found in the wetland that is believed to be steps from the Kingston Town Hall that burned down.  The Granite was then thrown into the wetland that, back then, was seen as the town dump. Loik is designing stencils of the 4 elements of nature, (Earth, water, fire, and wind) that he will sandblast into the Granite. 

     Jessie Robie, Ian Perkins, Sondra Perry, and Tom Wilhelm have joined forces and created a map of the wetland including where the boardwalk and trail will be.  They are in the process of getting a permit to begin construction. 

     Jim Consentino and Dan Mercurio will be making benches.  Consentino is working with Mr. D Taylor to create benches out of wood.  Mercurio hopes to create his benches out of the same granite Loik is.  Both are working on designs and technique. 

     We are getting excited about the future of Sanborns wetland.  As soon as the permit is passed we will begin building. The hope is to begin in late March.  If you would like to help see a friend in Project world, EJ Gaudet, Mrs. McAskill or Mrs. Pudlowski. 

Stay tuned for the next wetland update in the Project World Connection.