Vol. 1 Num. 3
A Publication of the Project World Class
April 1999 
Wetland Update
By Jessica
     Good News! The Sanborn wetland is finally being recognized by the students. In a recent poll of 176 people, 100 of those students were actually aware that Sanborn has a wetland. The percentage of those who were unaware is becoming smaller by the day. 
If you are one of those people who knows we have a wetland, you probably know what it's like.  Did you ever wonder what the wetland was like in the earlier days, like say in the early 1900's or even before?  After doing some research, Sue Brown, Ian Perkins, and I were surprised to learn what kinds of things the wetlands were used for through the years. 

     The wetland probably formed as a kettle hole as the glaciers of the Ice Age receded.  By the late 1940's, much of it was open and called Carter Swamp.  Since a lot of it was open, the bottom tip of the wetland was used for ice skating.  There have been stories around town that people even dumped old cars in the swamp. 

     As time gradually passed, the wetland went from an open pond to shrubbery, and then to the thick growth including trees we see now.  By the 60's and 70's the wetland was basically used as a dump.  We've found tar, soda cans and bottles, broken dishes, and a lot of unidentified gunk.  At some point, someone threw trash and big pieces of tar in and around the wetland.  There also have been signs that it once included a burning pit. 

     Today, many of us abuse the wetland.  It holds people's trash and is used for new parking spots.  Luckily, we now know that people are starting to care about the wetlands and want to use it for something more natural and useful.