This is an interview with Mother Nature done by Allan M. (It's supposed to be weird so please don't take it very seriously :-)


AM: So Mother Nature, what do you actually do?

MN: Well, I make rain fall, I make seeds grow, I make the sun rise, I make the wind blow.

AM: So you're basically responsible for all "natural" events?

MN: Yes.

AM: Do you see all that you do?

MN: Yes.

AM: So do you know who these people are on Mt. Israel?

MN: Of course, they're a group of students from Sanborn.  Great students, really.

AM: So why are they here?

MN: They're expanding themselves and taking that extra step out to really try and learn something without having to be in a schoolroom doing it the traditional way.  This way works better for them.

AM: So, Mother Nature, do you actually live on this earth and if so, where?

MN: (sort of chuckling) Hm hm hm, I am this earth.

AM: When and how were you actually born or created anyway?

MN: I do not really exist, I was born in the minds of men long after the world was actually created.

AM: Well, it's been my pleasure, thank you for your time.  Bye!