Interview about Mi'Mkaq Project, by Tom W.
       Project by Jessie R. 
Q. Why do you have such a fascination with the Mi'kmaq? 
A. "I'm part Mi'kmaq, on my mothers side of the family. I want to know more about my      heritage."

Q. How long have you known about be Mi'kmaq? 
A. "Since 5th grade."

Q. Have you been interested since then?
A. "Yes"

Q. Have you learned a lot from this project?
A. "Much, I've learned about early Mi'kmaq life, and pre-European contact, and      legends, and myth's, and story telling."

Q. What do you think of the stories?
A. "I think there really cool. There in a story telling world; unrealistic things can happen      but they take it as real."

Q. Have you done other research before this?
A. "Yes! Have been researching this for a while, so I knew a lot already. Although this is      the biggest project I've ever done about Mi'kmaq's."

Q. What are you doing with the info you have?
A. I'm writing a story, before European contact, in a village." 

Q. Tell me more about it. 
A. "It's like a circle story, so it ends in the same place it starts. The main character is a      girl named Noskami, who is the daughter of the local chief. It follows her life and      includes a lot of Native American stories. Some one tells a stori and it happens in      the village."

Q. Are you going to publish this?
A. "I plan to, if it's good enough."

Q. Has it been fun?
A. "Yes!!!"