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Beaver Pondering

 Compiled by: Dan M.
 Quotes by: The Student of Project World.

    The Project World Class went on a field trip to Pawtucaway State Park, to do some snow showing. While on their hike they came upon a Beaver Pond and they all sat down by it and wrote their thoughts down in note books. The rest of this page will show you what they had to say. 

  warmth sunshine crisp stillness warm sun rays glistening water 
  fresh painting 
  wishful thinking 
  add mix of winter and summer 
  fluffs of white clouds 
  cool breeze whips along the tops of dead grass 
  body is cooling down 
  quiet small stream 
  warming sun on my face 
  heavy eyes 
  pleasant earth tone colors 
  snow slowly melts in hand 
  butt hurts -- rock is hard 
  glorious peaceful bright 
  quiet vibrant wet extraordinary dangerous 
  electrifying colorful 
  serene awkward 
  relaxing cozy 
  awe inviting death 
  running water 
  cool breeze 
  nice almost like a spring day 
  melting snow
  forest green 
  dripping water 
  smooth leather 
  soft snow 
  hard packed snow 
  beautiful peaceful 
  quiet life freedom 
  welcoming calm 
  relaxing warmth open 
  peaceful subliminal 
  relaxing complex 
  snowy warm 
  tranquillity undisturbed 
  wholesome serenity 
  embracing balance 
  simplistic complicated 
  Not a NH calendar picture 
  1,000s of trees sway and make noises 
  pockmarked snowscape 
  tiny grassy knolls look like muppets with grass hair. I expect them to jump up and
  start singing. 
  Evergreens with needles a sickly shade of yellow-green. Is that their winter wear or
  an indication of some earthly disease? 
  the loud quietness 
  a calm slowly moving stream 
  wishing I could come out here every day 
  the cycles of the wind
  my notebook flapping in the wind 
  quality not quantity 
  I don't feel like sharing these with everyone, not all of them anyway 
  my handwriting is getting worse as I go along 
  shimmery unfreezing 
  solitude with company 
  breezy colorful contrasts 
  birds calling blending 
  ancient harmony 
  beautiful peaceful calm 
  sparkling strength unique 
  unknown no interruptions 
  unseen unpredictable 
  wet peaceful clean 
  sparkling natural 
  clear refreshing 
  calm reedy dripping 
  majestic peaceful 
  powerful renewed 
  fragile untainted 
  untainted thought provoking 
  musical radiant sublime 
  enlightening refreshing 
  tantalizing contradicting 
  spiritual majestic 
  a small spider crawling on a rock makes me wonder if someone is watching us? 
  With every breeze I'm taken somewhere and returned before it ends. 
  Can all of us come here and say our soul is at peace? death and birth 
  enchanting home 
  Chinese art of Shi 
  untouched powerful 
  unseen freedom will 
  glimmer flight solace 
  serenity refuge 
  The noisy silence of nature. 
  Salamanders experience a whole different world. 
  The power of students writing around a Beaver Pond. 
  There's a school here. It's a synthesis of wind, snow, sun, and open mind. 
  The natural geometry of a stream slowing through snow. 
  This does indeed beat lunch duty. How right it is out here. How
  wrong we do it back there. Here there are no walls, bells, schedules. Here there is
  choice, freedom, a word teacher, a world to learn.