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The UNH Assignment

    On December 15,1998 the Project World class went to the Browne Center by Great Bay. We First did some team building games, and then we examined the life in one of the wet lands. Then we were given an individual assignment. We were placed in an area of woods on the Browne Center by ourselves. We were to sit, or stand in that spot and just look around the area and listen. We had to try to find the smallest animal we could. 

    I was sent to a salt marsh type area and stayed there for about fifteen minutes. While there I took some notes about what I saw. There was a small stream, and it was tidal water. Next to it was a small pond that was formed from the overflow of water at high tide. The notes I took were these:

On approach of the pond I was surprised to see fish, later on closer inspection I found out they were Creek Chubs, a small bate fish that lives in these marsh areas.

Upon further observation I noticed the water draining out through the south side into the creek. The chubs were also leaveing though the place the water was.