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An Interview With Nature
by Jason G.

Q.  Who are you?
A.  I am nature.  I'm a frog in a pond; I'm a tree in any old forest; I'm the forest as well; I'm the earth and all her beauty; I'm a bright star in the heaven; and I'm the heavens; and I'm this galaxy as well as the next.  I am anything and everything that was or will be, created by me.

Q.  What would you like to teach humanity?
A.  I would like to teach a lesson that will not be forgotten.  That I, mother earth, am being abused and slowly destroyed;  and that I am important to the survival of humanity.  Without me there is no where that humans can go; but I can survive without humanity;  or can I?  I do not know and would rather not try.

Q.  When did you create this mountain?
A.  I created this mountain many years ago before you were born.  I created this mountain before there was TV.  I created this mountain before there was world wars.  I created this mountain before Christ was born.  I created this mountain before Troy was lost to the Greeks.  I created this mountain many years ago.

Q.  Where can I find perfection?
A.  Perfection can be found anywhere and everywhere you look.  Look at a brown fallen leaf and you see perfection.  Trees do not need their leaves in the winter so they shed them.  That is perfection.  Look at the relationship between the wolf and the caribou.  The wolf kills the weak and keeps the species strong; that is perfection.  Look at how everything has changed and is changing; so the new will be better than the old; that is perfection.

Q.  Why did the tree under which I will sleep fall?
A.  The tree fell because it was weak; the wind was stronger.

Q.  How did you create this splendor which I see?
A.  That is one secret which I cannot reveal because I do not know the answer.  Do you know how it is you walk and talk or run and write?  It's hard to understand how it is you do what you do naturally.  Maybe you can answer the question which you ask.

This interview took place in a forest, in northern NH, some time ago, November I believe.