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Like bullets in the wind.

But soon they will all find their place.

I have found mine,

which is here.

I've never noticed how loud silence really is.

It invades me like a foreign nation,

yet I welcome the change.

The wind, 

minutes away sounds like an approaching car.

Or do approaching cars sound like the wind?

It was here first.

That is what this is all about.

I notice everything now.

I can see it all.

The star-blasted sky stretches across the vastness,BIRCH

laying just moments above the shadows.

Is it a barrier,

Binding all of creation?

Or is it the sole symbol of infinity and freedom?

I may never know,

But it doesn't matter.

I imagine myself thrusting up toward it,

Away from all these busy distractions.

Away from the cluttering leaves,

Away from the ivy's suffocating grasp.

I can breathe again.


I am free.