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Project World
By Allan M.

    Project World is an adventure based learning program which is an alternative to the traditional classroom learning environment.  Now, I know what you're thinking: "Oh, its a class for dumb people who can't handle being in a real classroom, right?"  Well, it's not.  The seventeen students (there were originally twenty but several students dropped the course) currently in Project World were each recommended by a faculty member before they were even considered for the course.  Then it was their choice to either apply or not to, and then they were either chosen or not chosen.  It is not just a slack off class.

   The class meets during both sixth and seventh periods so that  (even with our block scheduling) we have the classfrom about 12:30 until the end of the day which is at 2:19.  Students involved receive an EDP (Elementary Data Processing, a project oriented computer course) credit and a journalism credit (each for 1/2 year) and two 1/2 year credits for courses which students choose off of a list.  (Included on the list are: photography, NH history/civics, biology,DAN advanced biology, practical biology, microbiology, environmental science, painting, sculpture, geography, drawing, commercial design, and art history.)  During the course, the students do various projects in their specified subject area to gain  a greater understanding of their subject area.  They use the technology available and learn the importance of exhibiting their findings.

    There are high expections placed on the students; nothing but quality work is accepted from them.  The intended outcomes of the course include:

        Students will:

  • Wonder and ask important questions
  • Find out answers to these questions through electronic, traditional, and primary sources
  • Exhibit their learning to others through computer based presentations
  • Learn to give and accept growth oriented feedback with other students
  • Learn to be positively critical of their own work
They will also use the "Sanborn Model" during their studies.

    Finally, the students demonstrate that:
    At Sanborn we...

  • Respect, trust and care for each other
  • Learn to learn
  • Do what is right and good
  • Want a safe, clean school
  • Enjoy a sense of community
  • Cooperate and collaborate
  • Accept challenges and responsibility
  • Find learning fun and worthwhile
  • Strive for quality
  • Take pride in our efforts
  • Are all learners

    Basically, Project World provides the enrolled students with the freedom and independence that many of them need to learn effectively.  It supplies the technology and ability neccessary to create interesting an effective expressions of oneself.