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What is project world?
by Dan M.

Project world is an opportunity for students to learn not only from teachers but from each other. Here are four people. Three of them are students and the one in the middle is our teacher, Mr. Gaudet. This class on harness tying was not just taught by Mr. Gaudet, but each of the students were to make sure that the rest of the students understood how to do it. So we were all teaching each other.
Project world is a chance for students to achieve new goals. This student had never rock climbed a day in his life. But he believed that he could climb so he overcame the forces of gravity and fear and made it to the top of the cliff. He demonstrated the effort put forth in all activities in project would, whether it be creating a hyperstudio presentation or climbing a cliff.
Project world is the kind of class where students and teachers act more like friends. This is because everybody is learning, there is no set curriculum for the teacher to teach. Every student is responsible to teach the rest of the class what they are learning.
Part of Project World involves studying the human effect on the wet land behind our school. As this picture shows, it has not been a good one. Some students have been studying certain time periods of the wet land and found that it was used as a dumping ground form many years.
In Project World students are allowed to study things on a more practical level. You are encouraged to wonder about certain topics, then discover on your own how to do them. In this picture this student had in interest in the art of photography and was allowed to study it in this class.
There is also the part f the class that is out to preserving the wetland.