Noctiluca (formerly Old Rarity) 1946 Sparkman & Stephens Fisher Pilot sloop built in Flint, MI at the Fisher Body Plant.

Noctiluca is the genus of the organism, noctiluca scintillans, that causes phosphorescence in the ocean at night.  It is a  dinoflagellate, a single celled algae.  Unlike several red tide causing dinoflagellates, noctiluca is nontoxic and therefore has an uplifting influence on those who are lucky enough to see its brilliant nocturnal light show. It is commonly known as the seasparkle. Noctiluca scintillans does have its competitive side, however, in that it is heterotrophic, and devours other organisms. Our planned journeys aboard Noctiluca, though, are intended more to produce that pleasant feeling associated with the dinoflagellate's nighttime exhibitions. noctiluca
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