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Sourthern Trip 2015

First US / Indian treaty -- Museum of the American Indian.

Jules, Pat, and Jessica on Potomac waiting for river taxi tour.

Pat and Jules looking at Kennedy Center from river tour.

Cherry blossoms!!

EJ and Jules with the cherry blossoms.

Pat and Jules with cherry blossoms

Breakfast in Arlington each morning.

Space Shuttle

Air and Space Museum - Dulles Airport.

Great Falls State Park, Va.

On the Metro in DC.

Newseum, Washington, DC.

EJ's feet. Washington, DC

Carriage tour Charleston, SC

Jeanne and George on carriage tour.

Our view on the carriage tour.

The Battery, Charleston, SC.

Charleston gas lights.

EJ in an F-whatever... on the Yorktown.

George teaching Pat about aircraft carriers on the Yorktown.

On the Yorktown.

Pat driving the Yorktown.

At the raptor center in SC

George's plane

Charleston regatta

Jeanne and George's neighborhood.

Our old house on Lake Junaleska, NC