Digital Documentary: A movie, slideshow, or radio show that factually and informatively crafts an argument about an important social, political, scientific or historical subject.

ick and choose from among these documents to help organize a digital documentary.  Feel free to modify any document to meet your specific needs. (Thanks to: NHS Science, Math English Dept. past and present , MSAD60 Literacy Program)

Clicking on  section headings will offer thoughts and tips on that topic.


Choose Topic  
Create Essential Question and Focus Questions 
  • EQ / FQ Planner (What / So What  / Now What) (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
Draw up a Contract 
  • Question Answer Relationship Graphic Organizer (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
  • Guidelines for Interviewing (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
Organize Ideas Through Writing

Gather Digital Artifacts
Craft the Documentary


  • Essay Rubric (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
  • Digital Documentary Rubric (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
  • The Ultimate Digital Documentary Rubric (Choose Topics that apply to your work) (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
  • Artists Statement Graphic Organizer (Student self assessment tool) (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
  • Results Planning Guide (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
  • Best Practices for Improving Learning Through Technology (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
  • 10 Critical Qualities of Student Work (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
  • ELA Power Standards (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
  • Science Power Standards (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
  • Math Power Standards (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
  • Each Maine Student Must Leave School As... (pdf --  Word  -- Pages*)
* Pages files are zipped.  Clicking on this link will download that zipped file.  Double clicking on the downloaded zipped file will create a Pages version of the file.